Our Suppliers

Play KSL's Suppliers

PlayKSL use only the best suppliers to ensure our products are of the highest quality. PlayKSL is committed to buying local and supporting Canadian manufacturing where and when ever possible. When you buy KSL, you are investing in Canadian manufacturing and design!

SPI Plastics: Based out of Ontario, Canada - http://www.spiplastics.com/

Hunter Steel: Local company based out of Brantford, ON - http://www.huntersteel.ca/

Zeager Bros: Quality provider of natural play elements - http://www.zeager.com/

Fahr Industry: Fahr makes some of the best play panels in the industry - http://www.fahr-industries.com/pLAY_INDUSTRY

Incord: Provides net climbing systems which increase the play value of our structures - https://incord.com/play/