Our Materials

PlayKSL uses only the best materials to ensure that our products live up to our high quality standards. This page details the specifications, colours, and superiority of our materials. To learn more about our amazing suppliers click here.

Netform Systems

PlayKSL uses Netform by Incord for all of our net play-system needs. Check out the specifications below:

  • Colours include; Red, Yellow, Blue, Black, Sand and Green.
  • Constructed of high strength multi-strand steel laid over a synthetic fiber core with a thermo-fixed jacket of durable polyester.
  • Soft on kids hands
  • Low maintenance and will not stretch over time, built to last.
  • Can be used for climbing nets, cargo bridges, suspension bridges, handrails, lily pad nets and climbing ladders.
  • Has a breaking strength of several tons.
  • Perfect for the implementation of your vision, can be used to create nautical, rustic, and natural themed parks with a focus on safe play.

Plastic Components

PlayKSL uses SPI Plastics for all of our plastic playground components such as slides. SPI Plastics is a Canadian manufacturer committed to safety and offers a warranty for a worry-free vision implementation.  Check out the colour wheel below to see the range of options available for plastic components.