Manufacturing and Fabrication Equipment

At KSL we have a variety of manufacturing and fabrication equipment allowing us to meet your easily meet your needs. Everything is manufactured in Canada at our Brantford, Ontario facility.

Our Capabilities; 

Welding -  MIG and stick welding available. Custom fabrication in shop and onsite for various types of repairs by certified CWB personnel.

Plasma cutter - Allowing us to create custom signage and anything else that you may need. Can handle metal sheets up to 10ft x 5.4ft and .5 inches thick. Use your own art or have it created by our inhouse designer.

Pipe bender - Can bend up to 2.5 inch pipe. 

Roller - Can do square and round tubing up to 5 inches diameter, rectangular tubing up to 6 in, channel up to 6 in, and angular up to 6 in.

Liquid Paint - We can do wet electrostatic, automotive grade paint. Available in standard colour choice or can match any colour.

Contact us for more information on our contact page or phone our toll free number: 1-877-757-7529