Ordering Made Easy

Make a List

Before you order, plan ahead! Scope the area and determine what size you'll need, the specific needs you want to accommodate and which age groups will use the equipment. Finally, don't forget to pick the colours for your perfect setup.

Give us a call

We'll make it easy to set up your order. Call us at 1-877-757-7529 to discuss your requirements or send us a message through our contact form.


Put your feet up, while we build your dream playground. From concept to completion, we provide detailed information to keep you informed about your installation.


How To Order

Order by phone, fax or email. Need to provide 'pit' size, pricing bracket ($0-5k, 5-10k, 10-25k, etc) and photos, if any form to basically provide fields, minimum req. is name, email, ‘best to contact you at/during’ uploader for attachments (.jpg, .gif, .tif, etc).

Detailed Work & Timeline

KSL Design can manage staggered delivery and installation dates.  Because all of our structures are manufactured on site at our Brantford plant, we are able to manufacture the play structure wanted and have it delivered and installed fast and efficiently.

Here at KSL Design we work with our customers and are willing to hold their product until their site is 100 percent ready for installation.

Our lead time for any project is approximately 6-8 weeks from issue of the purchase order.