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Paint Procedure

Step 1: Preparation
Grinding: Grind welds until they are smooth, inspect welds for pinholes, mark and have them corrected.
Despattering: Spatter must be removed from all surfaces
Cleaning: All items to be painted must be thoroughly free of any contamination (Dirt, Oil, Grease, Moisture and Rust)

Step 2: Prime All items must be primed, primer thickness should be 1.0 to 1.5 mL and mixed to product specifications

Step 3: Paint “PPG Chemical resistant”
Mix paint according to product specifications.
3 Parts paint, 2 parts hardener, 1 part activator.
Normal drying time is 3-4 Hours, if adding an accelerator, drying time is reduced to 2 hours.

Step 4: Masking
2 toned structures need to be masked so the colors do not bleed into each other

Step 5: Touch-up
After decks are welded in place, touch-up is required on welds and areas where the paint is burned off.

Step 6: Inspection
All paint jobs are finished with a throughout inspection to ensure the best quality and anti graffiti paint job.

Anti Graffiti Chemical Resistant Specifications

The product we use for Anti-Graffiti is FDXH Chemical Resistant single stage topcoat. It is designed to provide resistance to graffiti and a wide range of fluids and chemicals, including Muriatic acid and Skydrol. FDXH is available in the full range of solid colors and achieves a smooth, hard, high-gloss finish. A selection of activators allows for superior application performance in a variety of conditions.

What We Use

FDXH Color

Chemical Resistant Hardener F3275

CR Activator – Fast F3475

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