Accessible Playgrounds       

Inclusive Play Matters!

In Canada 4% of children aged 5 - 14 have a disability, that's 154,720 children who may not be able to use the complex features of a traditional play space. Here at PlayKSL we want to make play an adventure for everyone. We carry a full line of accessible and inclusive play components. At PlayKSL, we even have our own wheelchair accessible swings. All our playgrounds are designed and constructed with inclusive and safe play in mind, making PlayKSL the perfect choice for your communities' play space.

Designing With Inclusive Play in Mind

The key to designing an effective accessible play space is by providing components that are conveniently located along accessible play routes for those with disabilities.  These users may require the use of mobility devices such as wheel chairs or walkers that may limit their access to components that are located on elevated platforms. However, at the same time as complying with the needs of those with disabilities, playgrounds must offer complex and challenging features for children without disabilities.