Kids start learning with KSL

Our Superior Product

What else can we say other than all-welded construction beats out all other fastening methods; and you’d be surprised how far we can deliver. And did we mention it’s recyclable?


Loops, curves, corkscrews and zig-zags, we have it all. Not only that, but if you don’t see something you like, we can always work out a custom part or assembly.


Everyone here is a CPSI-certified playground inspector. Good play comes with a hint of risk, so we take great care to ensure it’s fun and safe.

Accessible Playgrounds

We sit on the Technical Committee on Children’s Playspaces and Equipment, and had a hand in helping playgrounds be fun for everyone.

From Planning to Installation

Start to finish, we’re at your service. Turn-key, even though you don’t need keys.


Let’s face it, 12+ just doesn’t cut it sometimes, which is why more and more regions are installing skate park components.
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